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Mobile Apps

Commotion mobile apps running on an iPhoneX and Note 8


Native Apps; Real-time; Highly Customizable

Commotion mobile apps for Android and iOS are native applications. Not a single portion of your app will be built using 3rd-party frameworks. This means faster apps, fewer compatibility issues across devices and a better overall experience for listeners.

Unique to Commotion is real-time messaging in the app. When a team member or a listener posts a message everyone gets it at the same time. This technology is one-of-a-kind!

Your Smartphone App will be highly customizable, with custom color schemes and on-the-fly menu configuration changes. You can reconfigure much of the app from our management portal. Once a listener restarts the app, they see the changes. No more waiting for App Store approval, and no more waiting time to display new content!